Image of the Day: Walking Dead effects guru gave Norman Reedus the best Christmas gift ever

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Dec 10, 2014

What do you get the star of the biggest show on television for Christmas? If you’re The Walking Dead’s zombie effects genius Greg Nicotero, you whip something up from scratch.

Norman Reedus, who stars in the hit AMC series as Daryl Dixon, dropped a picture on Instagram showing his early holiday surprise from Nicotero. He didn’t wrap it, but you can tell he definitely put some work into it. The gift? A severed zombie head, with the spine still attached. Happy holidays?

Fans who watched the recent episode “Crossed” will probably recognize the specific bit of gore, since Daryl actually used it as a weapon in the episode to fight off a rogue Atlanta police officer. Who said Daryl always needs a crossbow? That dude’s a survivor.

“Early Xmas present from greg nicotero #ibeatadudeovertheheadwiththat. WEEEEEEEEEE”


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