Image reveals details, and a Frank Miller cover, for Sacred Creatures

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Apr 10, 2017, 6:12 PM EDT

Image Comics first announced Sacred Creatures earlier this year at Emerald City Comic Con, and made a splash in the comics world thanks to its creative team of Pablo Raimondi (Books of Doom) and Klaus Janson (Dark Knight Returns). Janson is best known for his many collaborations with Frank Miller, and today Image revealed that they would be working together for this series too—at least for a cover.

Sacred Creatures stars Josh Miller, a father-to-be who finds himself entangled in a history-spanning conspiracy involving supernatural races who have been manipulating mankind for all of its existence. Josh ends up struggling to maintain the balance at the forefront of this conflict, which threatens to tear society and humanity apart.

Sacred Creatures is sure to be an engaging supernatural thriller, given the creative team, who seem enthusiastic to be taking on their first-ever creator-owned project. Janson says in the press release that Sacred Creatures “is the culmination of all the things I love about comics: amazing art, compelling characters, and a story that will make readers return month after month.”

They’re sure to grab plenty of readers for the first month at the very least, because the first issue features covers by Raimondi, Janson, and Frank Miller, all three of which you can see below. Sacred Creatures is set to debut on July 5 with an extra-sized 66-page issue.

Will you be checking out this new Image Comics series in July? Are you excited to see Klaus Janson take on his own series? Check out the covers and then let us know in the comments below!