Image of the Day: Heavenly lightning storm over the Pacific Ocean

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Jul 11, 2016, 11:21 AM EDT

I don't know about you, but it's somewhat disconcerting knowing my professional airline pilot might be practicing his amateur photography while flying 37,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean.   Here's a dramatic image captured by Ecuador Airlines pilot Santiago Borja, taken just south of Panama during an epic lightning storm.  The shimmering canopy of twilight stars above provides a cosmic backdrop for this stunning lightshow erupting just outside the plane's cockpit windows.

"Storms are tricky because the lightning is so fast, there is no tripod and there is a lot of reflection from inside lights," Borja told The Washington Post. "I like this photo so much because you can feel the amazing size of the storm and its power, but at the same time it's wonderful how peacefully you can fly around it in still air without touching it."

Have a look at this breathtaking snapshot of Mother Nature displaying her meteorological splendor, then please try to get me another package of peanuts.

(Via Geekologie)