Image(s) of the Day: For Star Wars fans' eyes only

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Apr 28, 2017, 11:28 AM EDT (Updated)

We’ve seen Jabba the Hutt in all sorts of intentional places. A snowman. A purse. A cupcake. But one Redditor, EsseXploreR, saw him unintentionally, in a random pile of dust from his table saw, and posted the image to Reddit (see below).

Sounds like a simple post. But then another Redditor, a clever photoshopped named Failurez, took the image to extreme Jabbaness. Or is that Jabbanosity? That's the second, hilarious image.

But not every person on this Reddit thread could see Jabba within the first image -- which even a non-artist like me could ascertain. So Redditor No_4 created this handy guide to point out the obvious. That's the third image.

So there you have it: three Images of the Day for the price of one. Because even though we love you, we love Star Wars more.

Jabba may have been a slimy piece of worm-ridden filth, but he was hard-core enough to capture and enslave Leia. Plus, Jabba spoke one of my favorite lines from Return of the Jedi, which was sadly left on the cutting-room floor: "I was killing your kind when being a Jedi meant something."

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