Image of the Day: Legends of Tomorrow reveals Season 2 logo for the Justice Society of America

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has taken to his Twitter account to share the awesome new logo for the Justice Society of America, which will be a staple of the show's upcoming Season 2.

As you guys know, the Season 1 finale teased the arrival of the iconic DC Comics superhero team when the crew of the Waverider met Rex Tyler (Patrick J. Adams), aka Hourman, who crashed-landed his own Waverider and warned the team that if they were to board their Waverider, they would die. [Insert Sounds of Doom.]

What we know so far is that this version of the Justice Society of America will have its roots in the 1940s, just like in the comics, and that JSA members Stargirl, Obsidian and Dr. Mid-Nite will join the Legends in their fight against the Legion of Doom, comprised of Reverse-Flash, Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk and Captain Cold (Noooo!). Fun Fact: Former JSA members include Jay Garrick (I'm talking about the real one, not Zoom), who's already been introduced to the Arrowverse in the Season 2 finale of The Flash.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will premiere on Oct. 13 on The CW.