Image of the Day: Marvel teases the return of X-Force?

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Apr 27, 2017, 2:56 PM EDT (Updated)

If there's one thing Marvel knows how to do, it's tease their fans, and X-Men fans in particular.

Well, the House of Ideas has released a brand-new teaser image hinting at a new X-Men title to join the ResurrXion line-up following the conclusion of Inhumans vs. X-Men. The image features art by Jim Cheung — fresh off the Spider-Man event Clone Conspiracy — and depicts Archangel and the Old Man Logan version of Wolverine, as well as several characters who have been blacked out.

No details were given about the title, though the smart money is on a return of fan-favorite title X-Force, which both Archangel and Wolverine have been members of in the past. As for the blacked-out characters, I'd bet my last chimichanga that the two gun-toting characters in front of Archangel are Cable and Deadpool, who are also both former X-Forcers. Though the part sticking out on the bottom right also looks like Mega Man's arm-cannon to me, so what do I know?

We'll find out more about the title in the days ahead, though given that we've already seen Marvel's solicitations for May, it will be releasing in June at the earliest. In the meantime, let us know what your hopes for the new X-Book are in the comments!


UPDATE: Marvel has just released a new version of the image on Twitter that includes two more of the characters on the team, none other than mother-daughter duo Rogue and Mystique. Still no confirmation on a title or creative team, however, so stay tuned.