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Image of the Day: Rare BTS shot of the Werewolf from 1990's IT mini-series

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Aug 1, 2017, 5:01 PM EDT

Witness this rarely seen behind-the-scenes image of the Werewolf incarnation of the evil Pennywise entity for Tommy Lee Wallace's 1990 TV mini-series, IT.

The bloodthirsty lycanthrope is just one of the many vile variants that the shape-shifting demon manifests itself as in Stephen King's 1986 novel, in addition to a giant arachnid. We already know that the enormous female spider will not be featured in the Andy Muschietti IT remake, but trailers do reveal what appears to be a fanged werewolf.

In the 1990 scene above, Pennywise morphs into a Derry High School werewolf before reverting back to its revolting clown form as a young Richie Tozier (Seth Green) watches in terror. We never get an extended clear view of the monster due to the dark school basement, but now a rare vintage pic has emerged revealing the creature in the bright light of day.

Check out makeup effects artist Bart J. Mixon as he gets the "teen wolf" prepped for his close-up and tell us if you hope the werewolf appears in Stephen King's IT when it premieres on September 8.

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(Via Bloody Disgusting)