Image of the Day: Shudder in fear over NECA's new Shin Godzilla figure

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:14 AM EDT (Updated)

The Shin Godzilla (aka Godzilla Resurgence) movie model of the burly beast was designed by Mahiro Maeda, and utilized a synthesis of puppetry, digital effects and animatronics to breathe life into its jagged, armor-plated profile.

Granted, not everyone was so pleased with the cinematic makeover of the King of Monsters as the geek universe went all abuzz with fat jokes and unkind parodies all aimed at the enormous atomic lizard.  

Nevertheless, NECA has honored the epic status of the famous creature with a new replica action figure that stands 6" tall and 12" long and is crafted with more than 30 points of articulation, including a glowing rattlesnake tail. Strike fear in the hearts of your collection with this killer kaiju toy that demands a wide shelf and a little respect, despite his tubby appearance.  

Shin Godzilla is available for pre-order HERE for $22 with a May 2017 delivery date.

Are you cool with this new Godzilla's big-boned physique, or are you more of a traditionalist yearning for the slimmer 1954 version?

(Via Bloody Disgusting)