Image(s) of the Day: DC rolls out its new super-sized LEGO Batmobile

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Oct 13, 2015, 10:56 AM EDT (Updated)

Here's a super-sized LEGO Batmobile revealed by DC Comics in anticipation of its touring roadshow, The Art of the Brick: DC Comics, which kicks off its first leg in Sydney, Australia, on Nov. 21, 2015.   This humongous Batmobile was created by LEGO master Nathan Sawaya and based on a killer design sketch whipped up by DC co-publisher Jim Lee during an SDCC panel this year.  Comprised of nearly a half-million bricks, it will be the showpiece of the new exhibition of DC-inspired  LEGO creations and totally deserves that distinction. 

Take a look at this bold LEGO Batmobile and let us know if you're planning on attending the event if it happens to roll through your city in 2016.


Here are some comments on the laborious build process from the legendary LEGO wizard in an interview with Comic Book Resources:

“This became my life," Sawaya explained. "This was a full time job. I dreamt about the Batmobile, I thought about it every time I had a chance to think. It was non-stop. It’s just those tiny pieces, [you have to chase it down], one by one, one by one. You do get to a point that if you miss something, you can see it. You can see it in the pattern that maybe it’s not working and you have to go back and fix it.”

"Jim was so gracious to sketch out the design as we took suggestions from the audience during this panel. He drew it out, then I had a couple weeks to really just think about it while it was percolating in my mind. And then it was about two months worth of work building the entire structure."I'm not a car guy."

"The great thing is, Jim is a car guy. He knows cars, I know LEGO. It was a good collaboration, but I had to learn a lot about the parts of a car, like that there needs to be intake stuff and all these things. This is supposed to be a Batmobile. Everyone is familiar with the Batmobile. It's a world-famous car, and I wanted to make sure it read 'Batmobile.'"


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