Image(s) of the day: A new, evil archer comes to Star City in new pics from Arrow Season 5

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Aug 31, 2016

The Season 4 finale of The CW’s Arrow left a lot of threads dangling, and some new pics from the show’s fall return provides a few answers — plus a first look at a few new villains.

The network has released several images from early in Season 5, a few of which offer up the first look at new DC baddie Prometheus, who looks to be the darkest archer yet to darken the streets of Star City. Along with Prometheus, the pics also show Oliver (who is now serving as mayor) as he has a run-in with Chad L. Coleman’s new gangster baddie Tobias Church, as well as his former sidekick Speedy (who is apparently back patrolling the streets?!).

It’s important to note the pics here show Oliver in his street clothes running into all this mischief, so it’ll be interesting to see the exact context of how this plays out.

Arrow returns for its fifth season on Oct. 5 on The CW.

Check out the images below via Entertainment Weekly:

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