Image(s) of the day: The original, 1969 mission report from Apollo 11

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Nov 1, 2016, 10:40 AM EDT

Until we actually put a few humans on Mars, Apollo 11 will stand as the most monumental space mission in human history. So, you want to take a deep dive into the space geek minutiae of the first time humans set foot on the moon?

The 1969 mission was daring and risky, sending Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin to the surface of the moon with a level of technology that could barely handle the job. It was the height of human ingenuity, and an original copy of the old mission report has now resurfaced. It’s a fascinating peek at both the bureaucracy and planning involved with actually pulling off a mission like this. Space is hard, and this is what it looks like when humans break it all down in black and white.

If you’re up for taking a full, 359-page deep dive into NASA lore, you can check out a full scan of the entire document right here.

Check out some pics of the original report below and let us know what you think: