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Image(s) of the Day: Brundlefly concept art as The Fly remake ramps up

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Jul 3, 2017, 3:45 PM EDT

David Cronenberg's The Fly, starring Jeff Goldblum, celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, and Syfy Wire blew out the candles with a comprehensive video study of the cult favorite. The sci-fi horror flick has some of the most stomach-churning special effects ever seen on the silver screen, and now Sleight's J.D. Dillard has been tapped to direct a reboot of the property for 20th Century Fox.

Inspired by the 1986 remake and hopeful for the 21st century rehatch, digital artist Calvin AKA Stormbrush designed a modernized version of the horrifying Brundlefly back in 2015 as his amateur contribution to the creative process, perhaps influencing the new movie's preproduction team.

Through the infinite upheaval of the interweb, we're just seeing this awesome art now. It features an eight-stage reinterpretation of the fly-human hybrid in gory detail, yet still attempts to retain a certain sympathy for the Seth Brundle character.

"I watched The Fly 1986 recently and still love it very much," explains Calvin. "This is more than just a monster movie, it has depth to the story and character. So I decided to redesign the creature.

"The challenge to design this monster is that it is crossing species quite drastically, and you get to see the development," he continued. "It starts from flesh and skin infection to deformation, and then slowly the parasite reveals itself, and it is taking control of the host. Stage 4 and Stage 5 is the biggest challenge and the most fun part, because it is at its turning point, that you want audience terrified but also sympathize with Brundle. At this stage the percentage of how much human feature being revealed is critical.

"The full body Brundlefly uses the basic structure and poses of an insect, but with distorted and infected flesh, cross over with insect patterns, hairs and leg parts. The middle legs only revealed at the end of the transformation, which affects the pose and walk cycle, making it completely non-human."

Buzz on in and inspect the disturbing Brundlefly images below, and tell us if The Fly still ranks high on your horror honor roll.



(Via Dread Central)