Image(s) of the Day: Chevy uncloaks its life-sized LEGO Batmobile

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Jan 16, 2017, 1:00 PM EST

Val Kilmer was correct when he donned the cape and cowl and told Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever that "It's the car, right? Chicks love the car."

Chevrolet has known that simple fact for over 100 years, and to tie in with this month's The LEGO Batman Movie, rolling out on Feb. 10, the iconic car manufacturer unveiled its spankin' new LEGO Batmobile at last weekend's Detroit Auto Show.  

This ultimate piece of cross-promotional goodness took LEGO Master Builders 222 hours to design and 1,833 hours to snap together the 344,000 bricks in 17 different colors. It sports a square tube aluminum frame, measures 17 feet long, stands nearly seven feet tall and tips the scales at approximately 1,700 pounds.

This life-sized Batmobile (nicknamed "The Speedwagon" in the film) is for display purposes only and, with no motor, is not considered road-worthy.  

"To work on the LEGO Batmobile with Warner Bros. is an absolute thrill for us at Chevy," said Paul Edwards, U.S. Vice President of Chevrolet Marketing. "Many of the themes in The LEGO Batman Movie, like imagination, family and community, align perfectly with our Chevy brand values and add to the value of the partnership."

Have a peek at this dandy display of Danish bricks in the gallery below and tell us if you'd love to park one in your geek garage.

(Via Comic Book)