Image(s) of the Day: Rare publicity shots of Aliens' Ripley and Jones

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Dec 7, 2016

Poor Jones the Cat.  Ripley's furry, spacefaring feline has certainly seen his share of horrifying sights, but nothing like the glaring glass eye of a studio photoshoot's invasive Nikon camera. These rare images of Sigourney Weaver and Jones are from a 1986 promotional photo session for James Cameron's Aliens and display an uncharacteristic element of humor and ease.  Makes you kinda wonder what's going through Jones' mind as he endures the torture of this humiliating press layout.  He's probably dreaming of a future internet world where cats are king. Better give him a fragrant sprig of catnip and a nice clean litter box and call it a day.  

Thanks to Lost in History for these priceless shots!

(Via io9)

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