Christopher Reeve as Superman

Imagine Superman's true origin and the creation of his powers in this new video from Studio C

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Mar 31, 2018

Superheroes are awesome. They have all sorts of abilities. They save the world. They have cool gadgets. They have secret identities. They're just cool.

They're also sort of overpowered sometimes. Or, in the case of Superman, super overpowered. A fact that becomes amusingly and absurdly clear in this new video by Studio C. 

Superman's powers have evolved, changed, and grown throughout his long life in comics, film, and television -- depending on who was writing the character and what version of the character they were writing. Maybe you know what all those powers are, maybe not. But this video does a pretty good job of reminding us what it sounds like when you try and describe a superhero to someone.



(via io9)

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