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IMAX to cut back on 3D showings, citing lower sales

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Jul 28, 2017

3D movies have had a major resurgence in the last decade, but IMAX has decided it's time to cut back on its 3D IMAX viewings in favor of 2D showings. According to IMAX Entertainment CEO Greg Foster, the 2017 second-quarter earnings show a drop in business, and he believes customers' 3D preferences, or lack thereof, may be responsible for that drop.

In a recent conference call, Foster said he believes customers have shown a clear preference for 2D, citing new release Dunkirk, which made a quarter of its opening-weekend sales through IMAX screenings. Dunkirk was shot with IMAX cameras, but the Nolan film was not shot in 3D and is showing exclusively in 2D. He went on to say that the plan is to continue scaling down the 3D showings and noted that Blade Runner 2049 will only be available in 2D at IMAX theaters when the film opens later this year.

The decision is likely to cause some dissatisfaction for some, but it may be a relief to others. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean we'll see fewer 3D movies, it just means we won't be seeing them in IMAX.

Personally, the combination of both IMAX and 3D is overwhelming, because of the size of the screen. I just end up with sensory overload. But there's no doubt other people like a more immersive experience. 3D can also be difficult to watch for people with glasses or certain eye conditions, so it's possible that may be part of what's causing the drop.

What do you think? Bold move or bad move? And will you go to an IMAX showing of a film in 2D or to a non-IMAX showing in 3D? Inquiring minds want to know.

(via The Wrap)

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