Immense Empire Blu-ray collection is a treasure of classic '80s horror

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Jun 4, 2020, 3:50 PM EDT (Updated)

In an insane avalanche of iconic '80s horror movies, Empire Pictures is gearing up to unload a crazy collection of all its most memorable (and forgettable) scary, supernatural and sci-fi films in one gigantic Blu-ray box set.

This monstrous, 15-disc, 18-movie release is a behemoth box of B-movies that will devastate your weekend with a mighty marathon of Trancers, Ghoulies, and Ghoulies 2, Metalstorm and Metalstorm 3D, The Dungeonmaster, Eliminators, Crawlspace, From Beyond, Terrorvision, Troll, Dolls, Prison, Cellar Dweller, Catacombs, Ghost Town, Robot Jox, and Arena.

Check out the box art below and tell us which of these Empire legacy fright classics you have fond memories of.

With A-list franchises like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Friday the 13th leading the way, the 1980s were horror movie heaven and producers and studios of every size or reputation were all clamoring for a bite of the box office buck and blossoming VHS home video market. Empire's epic output of scary cinema contains a few stinkers but most of these titles all have their guilty pleasure delights, especially H.P. Lovecraft's From Beyond and Robot Jox, which was one of the first live-action giant mech movies ever produced.

Each commemorative box set is limited to 600 units and crammed with 15 Blu-ray discs and one DVD disc, a 24-page book movie notes from Empire of the B’s author Dave Jay and Delirium editor Chris Alexander, and is numbered and signed by Empire's founder, Charles Band. the papa of Full Moon Pictures which produced those freaky Puppet Master movies. The exclusive Empire Pictures Blu-ray Collectionis available from Full Moon Direct online for a price of $250. Pre-orders begin April 25 for a May 5 release.

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