Immerse yourself in more than 3 days of ambient sounds from Blade Runner

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Apr 6, 2017

Here's your chance to chill to the background noise of Ridley Scott's dystopian future.

A YouTube user named Crysknife007, who self-describes himself as an "ambient geek," has launched a playlist of ambient sounds from various settings within the classic 1982 film Blade Runner. Among the places he draws noise from are Deckard’s apartment, the Tyrell Building, the Bradbury Hotel and several others (some are also pulled from the 1997 video game for PCs, which featured the same audio/visual aesthetics but some different locales). Each is on a 12-hour loop and it all adds up to some 72 hours of sound -- or three days' worth.

The point of all this? Well, Crysknife007, who also makes noise music under the name "Cheesy Nirvosa," lists his peculiar clips as "sleep aids" and has basically designed them for just that purpose -- to help geeks drift off to sleep much in the same way that parents use little sound machines to send restless toddlers into dreamland. Other sci-fi selections from his YouTube channel include the sounds of the ship’s engine from Star Trek: The Next Generation and the TARDIS from Doctor Who.

If nothing else, the clips also prove the importance of sound design in motion pictures -- especially in visionary genre pieces like Blade Runner. As iconic and influential as the visuals from that film have become over the past 35 years, they would somehow not seem "complete" without the sounds (including music) that accompany them. Sound design is a far less flashy and much more subtle craft than visual FX, but there is no question that it plays a vital role in fleshing out the worlds that filmmakers like Scott create.

Not to mention that it may be just as vital in helping some of our geek brethren get a good night's sleep. You can check out the channel and more clips here; below is a sample of one of Crysknife007's Blade Runner clips. Pleasant dreams!

(via Open Culture)

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