Immortals director to go from Greek gods to fairy murder

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

Lackluster story aside, Tarsem Singh's visuals-driven Greek epic Immortals is cleaning up at the box office, and the fantasy projects just keep coming for him. He's already got Mirror, Mirror (the OTHER Snow White movie) coming out next year, and now he's reportedly attached to direct A Killing on Carnival Row, a movie about a serial killer who targets fairies.

The Carnival Row, script by Travis Beacham, has been floating around and almost getting made for more than five years now. Names as big as Guillermo del Toro and Neil Jordan have been attached to it at one point or another, but, for whatever reason, those guys never got it off the ground. Now producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson (whose work together includes Se7en, Eraser, Outbreak and The Devil's Advocate) believe that Singh can make it happen.
The flick is set in the fictional city of Burgue, designed as a stand-in for 18th-century London. Apparently fairies exist in this world, because someone is going around murdering them, and a human detective is taking the blame. The plot centers on the detective attempting to clear his name as he wanders the darker corners of Burgue and deals with drug-dealing vampires and various other supernatural inhabitants.
Beacham's had a run of good luck as a screenwriter lately. Clash of the Titans was a hit, Del Toro just kicked off filming on his script for Pacific Rim, and now Singh is attached to his fairy project. Based on what we know about Titans and Rim, can we count on Carnival Row to deliver something worth seeing?
(Via AICN)