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Important Toy News: Black Panther Shuri figurine and new Dune tabletop game

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Dec 17, 2020, 3:50 PM EST (Updated)

The diversity of the toy world is one of it’s best features. By that I mean there’s always something for everyone in the realm of collectibles.

Typical action figures may not be your thing, but companies like Kidrobot have more artist representations of fan-favorite characters. You might not enjoy figures at all, but there are some incredible board game adventures to share with your group. Whatever your particular flavor of interest, there’s almost always something exciting to find in the latest edition of Important Toy News.

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Credit: Sideshow Collectibles


Finally, the most important character from Marvel’s Black Panther is getting her own figure. Shuri is arguably the smartest person in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, and without her help and brains, T’Challa would have been completely lost when battling for the throne against his usurpers. That's not to mention Thanos' forces, but the jury is still out on who will actually win that fight.

Developed by Hot Toys and featuring a dangerously accurate portrait of Letitia Wright, this Shuri figure features the Wakandan princess in her battle garb from the climax of Black Panther. She’s got her Kimoyo beads, a massive spear, and those boss vibranium gauntlets. Shuri also gets one of Hot Toys’ “seamless” builds, which obscures most of the articulation in her arms. Available for pre-order now for $228, Shuri will actually release sometime next summer.

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Credit: Kidrobot


Brandt Peters is a fantastic artist with an aesthetic that combines a vintage feel with a bit of pop flavor. His teaming with Kidrobot was a smart decision on both ends, with fans getting the benefit of that marriage in a lovely new, exclusive Harley Quinn figure. Based on the classic Batman: The Animated Series costume, Peters’ figure reimagines Harley as a marionette with plenty of attitude.

Standing at 10 inches tall, the figure (which is not actually articulated despite its sculpted joints) shows Harley with her signature mallet walking down some wooden steps to a soon-to-be-sorry target of her unique affections. Two different colorways are available (one in color and one in black and white), but both will set you back $150. I’m more partial to the color version, but the monochromatic one does have a certain old-school appeal.



Since the 1970s, there have been numerous attempts at turning Frank Herbert’s Dune into a tabletop game. With a new feature film on the way in 2020, interest in the license has perked back up, and now Legendary and Gale Force 9 have teamed up to bring Arrakis back to the board game shelf.

You might be familiar with Gale Force 9 for some of its other sci-fi licenses such as Firefly and Doctor Who, both of which had successes that bode well for the future of Dune. The deal announced this week will allow GF9 to craft games from the entire history and range of Dune — including books written by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert — and to tie into Dennis Villeneuve’s upcoming film.

Don’t expect to hear much more on this front for a while, though. The first games from this collaboration aren’t due to arrive until just ahead of the new film’s debut in 2020.


If you’re like me, the process behind crafting the collectibles we purchase to adorn our offices and living rooms (and kitchens and bedrooms and bathrooms and whatever other rooms you have in your home) is just as fascinating as the end products themselves. With that in mind, DC Comics artist Jason Fabok recently started a YouTube channel where the first few videos released all focus on his participation in the creation of DC Collectibles’ new Essential line of figures.

Fabok was responsible for designing the look and characters for the first wave (at least) and shares a lot of concept art and sculpting prototypes from artist Paul Harding to showcase how his art got turned into actual toys.

It’s a simple and brief glimpse into an otherwise overlooked aspect of the industry, and one that Fabok will seemingly be continuing on his channel.


Finally, the Power Rangers are getting a tabletop game worthy of their legacy. Just released on Kickstarter, the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid miniatures game brings the sentai action heroes to the board game realm for the first time in ages. Designed by Jonathan Ying (Star Wars: Imperial Assault, DOOM: The Board Game), Heroes of the Grid is a cooperative board game that lets you play as the Rangers as they try to stop Rita Repulsa and her army of monsters from taking over Angel Grove.

And yes, you will be able to use the Megazord in battle.

If that’s not enough to pique your interest, the game has already been funded and is now exploring stretch goals for its supporters. The game features fully licensed art from the Boom Studios comics, and will even get expansions based on storylines from that very same comic such as “Shattered Grid.” A pledge of $75 gets you the base game, while $150 will earn you the game and every Kickstarter incentive added on throughout the campaign.