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Important Toy News: Bumblebee and Geena Davis toys are stunningly realistic

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Nov 29, 2018, 12:37 PM EST (Updated)

There's no shortage of Transformers toys, movies, cartoons, comics, or collectibles — it's really a franchise built on merchandise — but with Bumblebee about to drop it like it's 1984, there are even more delightfully detailed new shinies to get excited about. While Hasbro already has its movie line-up available at retail, ThreeA is once again dipping its toes into the Cybertronian waters for another deluxe figure of the titular hero. With that, a stunning new Catwoman statue, a classic Batman figure, and if you can believe it, a Geena Davis sixth-scale figure, it's a good day for Important Toy News.

transformers bumblebee deluxe threea

Credit: ThreeA

Bumble, Young Man, Bumble

ThreeA has released a handful of shockingly accurate Transformers movie figures over the past few years. Even if they don't actually transform, there's no denying the painstaking attention to detail present in the articulated figures. Typically all that effort in sculpting and tooling means these figures range upwards of $300-500, but the new Bumblebee figure is coming out at a much more collector-friendly price of $149.

At eight inches tall, this Bumblebee is based on his Autobot form from the new film, though the Volkswagen Beetle details are still plainly visible. With 55 points of articulation, this die-cast collectible is certainly not lacking posability, and with alternate heads and hands, you have plenty of options for display. The only downside is there's no Hailee Steinfeld figure to go along with him, but you can still pre-order Bumblebee starting on December 1.

sideshow collectibles catwoman premium format figure

Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

The Purr-fect Statue

During Sideshow Collectibles' livestream yesterday, the company revealed an all-new Catwoman premium format figure for the first time. Like a number of other DC Comics-inspired pieces, this design is wholly original to Sideshow, and fits in with existing characters like Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Batman. At 22 inches tall, this will definitely be among the most magnificent Catwoman collectibles in your collection, provided Selena herself doesn't burgle it from your living room.

The statue itself takes from several versions of the character, including Darwyn Cooke's iconic utilitarian design, Batman: The Animated Series' thigh-high boots, and even Joelle Jones' new incarnation with a more classic mask (in the exclusive version). The detail is outstanding, and manages to capture Selena's essence without veering into overt sexual posturing. The statue will go up for pre-order on Thursday, with the exclusive edition retailing for $575, and the standard edition going for $560.

blitzway cutthroat island morgan adams

Credit: Blitzway

An Actual Cuttthroat Island Collectible?!

It is the year of our flying spaghetti monster two-thousand and eighteen, and I'm legit writing about a Cutthroat Island figure that has only just been announced. You know what? I'm fine with that. This year has been all over the place, and Geena Davis getting a figure for her portrayal of Morgan Davis is perfectly acceptable at this point. Do I wish it was a League of Their Own Dottie Hinson? Yes. Am I glad that the underappreciated pirate disasterpiece Cutthroat Island is getting a little love? Yes. There are so many emotions.

Anyway, Blitzway has done some rather gorgeous sixth-scale figures for Ghostbusters and Fight Club in the past, and this Morgan Davis looks like it'll keep flying that standard. The portrait is really close, though it does seem to be off just enough to be slightly distracting. The costuming is unbelievable for the scale, and the accessories, which include multiple swords, maps, hands, and a monkey, are perfect. The figure is due out in Q1 2019 for $265, and you can pre-order it now to finally make your Cutthroat Island collection complete.

mezco one 12 collective onyx batman

Credit: Mezco

Mezco's Batman Returns

If you've been following Important Toy News for any amount of time, you know how crazy we are about Mezco's One:12 Collective line of figures. Most of the time we get excited when entirely new pieces are announced, but today we're hype for a variant of an existing figure in the line. The Sovereign Knight Batman is the modern-day incarnation of Mezco's own interpretation of Batman. Previously Mezco released an Ascending Knight version, which was Bruce during his earliest days beneath the cowl. The base version of Sovereign Batman looked much like the Hush era hero, with an all-grey suit and large black bat symbol.

This variant takes its inspiration from the Tim Burton Batman film and decks Bruce out in all black, with the familiar yellow oval emblem and gold belt. With multiple heads, weapons, hands, and 30 points of articulation, it's hard to find fault with this beautiful figure. The detailing on the costume is even different from the core version, and looks much more like the film suit's pattern. The Onyx Sovereign Knight Batman will be available for $80, and is expected to arrive in Spring 2019.