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Credit: Tamashii Nations

Important Toy News: (Captain) Marvel at these must-have toys

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Dec 6, 2018, 4:17 PM EST (Updated)

There sure are a lot of great superhero movies to be excited about over the next few months. More importantly, though, there are some superhero movie collectibles to get hyped for.

From new Captain Marvel figures to ridiculous Aquaman statues, and everything in-between, this is all the Important Toy News you'll need this week.

sh figuarts captain marvel

Credit: Tamashii Nations


Earlier this week, Hasbro revealed the first batch of its officially licensed Captain Marvel movie collectibles. From roleplay gear to action figures and action dolls, the line-up looks strong. What's great about Hasbro's pieces is they are affordable for collectors of all ages and do a nice job bringing on-screen heroes to life. I've never been one to dabble in the pricer Japanese Marvel Cinematic Universe toys for precisely that reason. That changes next year with the new Figuarts Captain Marvel.

As nicely as Hasbro's version of Brie Larson's take on the character came out, the Tamashii Nations version is just that much better. Yes, it's going to cost three to four times as much, but given how detailed and articulated the figure is, that price is one I'm willing to pay this time. Does it help that I'm a Carol Danvers Stan? Probably, but it goes beyond that too. The portrait on this figure is very strong, the helmeted version looks impeccable, and the paint app is more screen-accurate than the other figures we've seen so far.

All that adds up to a can't miss pre-order (for me, at least). The Figuarts Captain Marvel isn't available for order yet, but keep an eye on import sites for this to retail for ~$60.

sideshow collectibles aquaman premium format figure

Credit: Sideshow Collectibles


The flowing locks. The smoldering glance. The glistening armor. That's one powerful statue of DC's latest cinematic hero Aquaman. Coming from Sideshow, the Aquaman Premium Format Figure captures Arthur Curry in his epic, armored splendor. We haven't seen a lot of Jason Momoa in this comic-inspired garb in any of the trailers, but that doesn't make it any less incredible to behold in collectible form.

There's some nice movement to the 25-inch tall piece, which we are to believe is based on an underwater stance, even down to the "swaying" plantlife at Aquaman's feet. The detailing on the mail of the armor and those brilliant gauntlets is impressive too. If anything, this piece finally has me believing Aquaman's costume can work on the big screen.

The Aquaman Premium Format Figure will go up for pre-order today for $600 (exclusive edition with bonus Ocean Master helm), and $585 (standard edition).

NECA gamer gremlin

Credit: NECA


NECA's expansive Gremlins collection is about to get that much sweeter next May when it releases the Ultimate Gamer Gremlin (no, not that one) at GameStop. The two companies have had a nice relationship for exclusives this past year, and it looks like that's going to continue into 2019 with a terrific new piece. Though it's not based on any singular Gremlin from either of the films, the accessories included let you make a monster in your own image if you want.

Included are a copy of the original Gremlins video game, an Atari joystick, a propeller hat, some sweet shades, a home version of the Fail Guy video game (which looks a lot like a Donkey Kong clone), and a popcorn bucket that doubles as a popcorn helmet. It's quite clever in its design too.

The Ultimate Gamer Gremlin is available for pre-order now for $29.99, and is definitely going to make your gaming display that much more mischevious.

tamashii nations figuarts spike spiegel cowboy bebop

Credit: Tamashii Nations


It's been ages since a proper Cowboy Bebop action figure was released. That changes next April when Figuarts delivers what could be considered the premiere Spike Spiegel figure. The sculpt is incredibly accurate and appears to have leaped straight off the screen. The popped collar and wrinkles in his pants above his thin boots are details that could otherwise have been missed, but Figuarts got those and more right. Considering how iconic Cowboy Bebop has been over the years, it was definitely important to get the most accurate Spike possible, and this figure captures all his charisma and attitude.

Accessories-wise, he's a little light, only coming with a pistol and a cigarette. It's true that those are the two things Spike wouldn't leave without, but it would have been cool to see some other elements from the show added to this package simply for how rare Bebop toys are these days. Perhaps this is just the beginning of a new line, however, and more characters are on the way.

Either way, we'll be keeping an eye out for pre-orders for Spike on import sites, where you can expect him to go for ~$60.