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Important Toy News: Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite (and also Overwatch)

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Feb 13, 2019, 5:00 PM EST (Updated)

There's nothing wrong with subscribing to retail therapy to put your mind at ease even for a little bit when things in your life seem overwhelming. It's how I cope with a lot of what's going on, and I'm thankful my vice is merely action figures and not fashionable sneakers or priceless art.

That limits my indulgences, which is a good thing since there are so many dang cool toys coming out.

mcfarlane toys fortnite skull trooper

Credit: McFarlane Toys


Earlier this year, McFarlane Toys announced an exclusive partnership with Epic Games to craft toys and replicas based on the Fortnite franchise. Even if you haven't actually played Fortnite, there is literally no way on Earth you haven't heard of this game in some capacity. Epic's battle royale masterpiece is everything to everyone these days. With the new action figures coming from McFarlane, it's about to be even more prevalent in homes and offices.

The opening wave consists of four figures and one replica weapon, with all of the pieces set to arrive within the next month or so. The six-inch Cuddle Team Leader, Skull Trooper, Raptor, and Black Knight figures all have at least 18 points of articulation and a weapon from the game, with each figure costing $24.99. The Rainbow Smash Harvesting Tool is a 39-inch unicorn-themed replica you can use to terrorize the office for $60.

Pre-orders are open now, and you better act fast if you hope to have them for the Fortnite fans in your house for the holidays.

good smile harry potter ron weasley nendoroid

Credit: Good Smile


We've been keeping our eyes on the progress of Good Smile's Harry Potter Nendoroids since they were first teased this past summer. Harry has already been available for pre-order for a few weeks, but now his best bud Ron Weasley can be added to your miniature Hogwarts too.

Retailing for about $50, this chibi ginger comes with his busted wand, Scabbers, a Howler, and his broom. Additionally, Ron will come with two different faceplates: a normal smiling one, and one that Good Smile calls "nervous." The dude definitely was anxious about a lot of things Harry and Hermione asked him to do, so it certainly fits. I know for sure it'll be the face I use to display the figure since it's much more in character than that smiling one.


Pennywise was without any action figures for quite a long time despite being a fan-favorite horror monster. This year, NECA reconciled that empty space in our collections with not one, not two, but three different Pennywise figures. Now, a fourth has been announced for early 2019 that shows the most recent incarnation of the malevolent clown's more sinister side.

The Ultimate Well House Pennywise comes with four different heads that eerily recreate the creature with his plentiful pointy teeth, a few different monstrous hands, and a piece of fence that you can jam into his skull. The specific sequences the portraits have been inspired by are among the most horrifying moments of the 2017 film, and do great justice to the effects work done by the movie's creative team.

This Pennywise is due out in Q1 2019 and is available for pre-order through a number of retailers for about $30.

lego overwatch

Credit: LEGO


Thanks to Target, LEGO's first wave of Overwatch sets were unveiled rather unceremoniously this week. Brick Fan managed to secure all the details and images before the retail chain removed the listings, but by then it was too late.

Six different sets will make up the first batch of the Overwatch collection, with 13 of the 21 launch heroes included across the wave. Prices will range from $15 to $90 for each of the sets, with Tracer vs. Widowmaker being the most affordable, and the Watchpoint Gibraltar set being the most expensive.

All of the sets look like strong additions and feature plenty of in-game elements like payloads and pieces of larger multiplayer maps. D. Va and Reinhardt being bundled together make a great deal of sense since they are larger than life characters in the game, but the non-exclusive version of Bastion is what really has our attention. Not only do you get the robot form, but this mass-market Bastion also lets you transform him into his tank alt. It's a nice bit of engineering and design.

Sadly, fans of Zarya, Zenyatta, Lucio, Torbjorn, Roadhog, Junkrat, Symmetra, and Mei will have to hold out for a potential second wave to see their favorite characters make the leap to LEGO.

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