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Important Toy News: Concepts come to life at Hot Toys and LEGO

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Dec 17, 2020, 3:50 PM EST (Updated)

Until you set them free, ideas are just concepts rooted in creativity. The fantastic thing about the toy industry is that it's full of ideas and creativity that companies aren't afraid to let shine. Some companies are taking those elements even further by focusing on original concepts that, and turning them into something tangible. From concept art turned into figures to thoughtful creations from fans, this week's Important Toy News shines a light on imagination.

hot toys marvel studios iron man concept figure

Credit: Hot Toys

The Concept of Iron Man

Over the course of the last year, Marvel Studios and its partners have been celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This summer, Hot Toys released a version of Captain America from Civil War that was based on artist Ryan Meinerding concept design. This week, the company announced a second figure in its Marvel Studios: The First 10 Years collection. Again based on the original designs Meinerding crafted for Civil War, Hot Toys will release an earlier iteration of Iron Man in his MK XLVI armor in Q1 2019.

There are a lot of similarities in the technical design of the armor, but Hot Toys has done well to capture the small alterations and the bolder, golder paint scheme. Aside from a small handful of primary armors seen in the movies, most of Iron Man's suits have been heavily drenched in red with gold highlights. This concept version features a lot more gold, evoking a sense of the Sal Buscema era of Iron Man comics. There's no pre-order available yet, but you should expect this figure to retail around $300.

lego ideas pop up book

Credit: LEGO

LEGO's Fairy Tale

The LEGO Ideas brand has been a fantastic boon for LEGO and fans with great ideas alike. We've gotten some truly incredible sets over the past few years from the Ideas brand, like Voltron, Tron, Doctor Who, and the Women of NASA. Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Ideas brand required something even more special, and the Pop-up Book looks like it might just deliver on that kind of prestige.

Originally developed by Grant Davis and Jason Allemann, the LEGO Ideas Pop-up Book is a 859-piece set that will let builders craft a fable book featuring either Jack and the Beanstalk or Red Riding Hood. The base of the build is thick book that opens to reveal a small diorama of either of the classic fairy tales. Both stories are quite ingenious in the way they're built to fold and open, and this is a fun and affordable set ($70) that is unlike any other we've seen. You can get yours starting on November 1.

chronicle ghostbusters terror dog

Credit: Chronicle Collectibles

Terror, Dog

With Halloween merely a week away, we'd be remiss in not finding something truly terrifying to add to your display at home. Thankfully we didn't have to look far, as Chronicle Collectibles has set a new bar for ridiculously awesome pieces to make your living room stand out from the crowd. This week the company announced a new life-size Terror Dog bust mounted on a display base as if it were a hunting trophy. The bust is meticulously detailed to match the original monsters from Ghostbusters, and even comes with two sets of horns so you can display it as Zuul or Vinz Clortho.

At 35 pounds and two feet tall, this is not a piece you can hide quietly in the corner of the room. This is meant to be a centerpiece in the home, and would be quite the conversation starter at your next gathering. That is if you have $999 to spare while you wait for it to arrive in Q1 2019.

dc comics green lantern john stewart premium format figure

Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

Go Green or Go Home

Lastly this week we've got a beautiful Green Lantern statue of John Stewart, a brilliant architect brimming with creativity in his ring manifestations. Ever since making Jon a more technically minded ring-slinger, artists have gone wild with ornate light constructions and this Sideshow piece is no different. Designed by five different artists, you can see the attention to detail clearly in this massive 20-inch tall statue. The more you study the ring-generated effects, the more detail you can observe. You can even see the tight construction and nuance Stewart uses in his uniform, too.

It's available for pre-order now for $595, and is expected to arrive in Q3 2019. The wait will certainly be worth it though for Green Lantern fans. John doesn't often get the same hype as Hal Jordan on the collectible front, and this premium format figure certainly does him justice.