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Important Toy News: D. Va from Overwatch is a toy now and you know you'll buy it

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Aug 23, 2018, 12:15 PM EDT

Overwatch is one of the biggest video games in the world right now that's not named Fortnite. The first league championship just concluded a few weeks ago, and there’s a big All-Star game weekend on the horizon. But the video game aspect of Overwatch is just part of the appeal, as fans have supported a wide range of collectibles based on the game and its characters since it launched in 2016. With that in mind, there’s a reason why Overwatch is such a huge part of this week’s Important Toy News.

overwatch dva figma

Credit: Good Smile


It’s been a great week for Overwatch fans. First, we got a brand new animated short featuring everyone’s favorite MEKA pilot, D.Va. Then she got a new Figma from Good Smile. The champion StarCraft player and frequent savior of Busan, D. Va is a fan-favorite playable character in Overwatch, and her latest figure is sure to draw plenty of attention.

With this reveal, D.Va joins ranks with Tracer, Genji, Widowmaker, and Reaper as the first line of Figmas based on Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter. That she comes with an energy drink but no tortilla chips is a bit of a bummer, but she looks great nonetheless. No release details or pricing are available as of yet.

Additionally, this week LEGO revealed it was teaming up with Blizzard to produce a line of Overwatch brick-building sets. Outside of the Twitter teaser, there aren’t any details of what to expect from the line. Hopefully, some game stages will be recreated and we’ll be able to really see some thrilling battles between Overwatch and Talon.

blizzard doomfist overwatch statue

Credit: Blizzard

But that’s not all the Overwatch news this week, kids.

Blizzard also revealed the next official statue in the Overwatch series. This week, the crafters at Blizzard turned their attention to the biggest villain of them all, Doomfist. The 14-inch statue is massive, but it's also loaded with detail and comes in a pose that shows the Talon leader ready to inflict massive damage. Sure, it’s $300, but you love Overwatch at least that much, right?

mezco one12 collective cyclops

Credit: Mezco


There are few things in this world as iconic as Cyclops and his costume from the 1990s X-Men comic and cartoon. Fully aware of the power that particular costume has over Cyclops fans, Mezco announced the new One:12 Collective edition of the X-Men Blue team leader, complete with his big yellow suspenders, shoulder strap, and leg belts. Now available for pre-order for $100, the One:12 Cyclops has a light-up feature in his head for his optic blasts, as well as a few different blast accessories to pose him with on your shelf.

dark horse direct game of thrones ice dragon

Credit: Dark Horse Direct


Dark Horse Direct has been on a roll since launching a few months ago. The bespoke company has already announced a handful of Game of Thrones pieces to go along with a few comics-based collectibles, but this latest statue may be the grandest of them yet.

Coming in Q2 2019 is the 24-inch tall Ice Dragon and Night King statue. This huge piece features the revived Viserion taking flight and blasting some ice cold breath at the soldiers defending the North. Even in prototype form, the statue looks magnificent, and DHD has promised more details and features to be announced in the coming months.

first 4 figures metal gear solid psycho mantis

Credit: First 4 Figures


If Game of Thrones isn’t your thing and you feel like Metal Gear Solid has been an underserved franchise on the collectibles front, we’ve got good news for you. First 4 Figures has already released a handful of different Solid Snake statues, but is now taking pre-orders on a wonderfully creepy Psycho Mantis statue from its Metal Gear line.

Not only will there be a statue of the memorable villain with and without his mask, but there will also be an invisible version available too. No word on if you have to purchase it by using a second computer.

The statue is due out in Q3 2019, and the individual pieces will cost $524.99 each.

james bond aston martin

Credit: MGM


Finally this week, we’ve got some news for those of you with an abundance of income and an admiration for one of Her Majesty’s most dedicated operatives.

This week, Aston Martin announced a new, limited line of DB5s, the same car James Bond made famous in Goldfinger. The cars are expected to arrive in 2020. Not only will these vehicles faithfully recreate the look and feel of the original DB5 from 1964, but they’ll also apparently feature some of the outlandish Q-branch upgrades featured in the movies. Though Aston is vague about just what that means, it did confirm there will be at least a revolving license plate. Whether there will also be an ejector seat remains to be seen.

You’ll only have to pay ~$3.5 million to find out… if you can get on the very exclusive list to buy one.