Godzilla: King of the Monsters
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Important Toy News: Godzilla is the king of all monster figures

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Jan 17, 2019, 12:43 PM EST (Updated)

For a character that's been around for more than 60 years, you'd think we'd have seen everything toy companies have to offer when it comes to Godzilla. Fortunately for us, that's not the case, and companies are still wowing us with incredible recreations of the massive kaiju today.

Case in point, the upcoming action figures for Godzilla's next sequel Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Take a look at the awesomeness in this week's Important Toy News.

sh figuarts godzilla king of the monsters

Credit: Tamashii Nations


Few film creatures are as memorable or iconic as Godzilla. The Kaiju King has been a staple of monster movie cinema for more than 60 years. That kind of longevity is rare and worthy of celebration. With a new sequel on the horizon, that means new toys are also on the way. While numerous companies will have a hand in the King of the Monsters pot, few will be able to match the detail and articulation of the SH Figuarts version.

This is one of the best looks yet at the differences between this Godzilla and the one from the previous movie. The dorsal fins are much larger, and there appears to be a lot more texture and definition to his body in general. This figure is loaded with articulation, which should give you plenty of options for display, especially when King Ghidorah arrives later this year. Importantly, this figure can tilt his head completely vertically to pose with a breath accessory just like the poster.

Godzilla is available for pre-order now from several import sites for about $65, and is due to arrive in May.

amazing yamaguchi iron man bleeding edge

Credit: Kaiyodo


Next up in the excellent line of Amazing Yamaguchi Marvel figures from Kaiyodo comes a stellar Iron Man in his Bleeding Edge armor. The suit made its debut during the Matt Fraction/Salvador Larroca run of Invincible Iron Man, and has been a fan-favorite ever since. There have been a few attempts at bringing it to life in toy form before, but Kaiyodo's version might be the most accurate and articulated yet.

Like the other Yamaguchi figs, this Iron Man has more than three dozen points of articulation, giving it incredible flexibility. Few Iron Man figures released over the past decade have come with the movement necessary to get him into his most iconic poses, but that's not the case here. You've also got more hands, a few blaster effects, six rockets, wing and flap parts, and a display stand to get Tony up in the air if you want.

It's a sharp-looking piece, and you can pre-order it ahead of its summer release at most import sites now for ~$80.

super7 ghosts n goblins reaction figures

Credit: Super7


Super7 has been carefully bringing some beloved and underappreciated (at least on the toy front) licenses to life with its ReAction line over the past five years. Hellboy, Alien, the Universal Monsters, and a few other obscure properties have found new life in 3.75-inch form. Now one of Capcom's key '80s properties is getting a bit of love from the company, too.

Two different three-packs based on the sidescrolling action game Ghosts 'n Goblins are coming, and Super7 shared the first full details on which characters would be included this week. Pack "A" will feature Arthur in armor, a zombie, and villain Asteroth while pack "B" will include Arthur in boxers, Unicorn, and a skeleton. There's no pricing or release date just yet, but both will be up for pre-order next Wednesday on Super7's site.

The figures might not be overly detailed or articulated, but retro games like GnG fit in with the ReAction line's minimalist approach rather well. Plus, they look like they're straight out of the era when Ghosts 'n Goblins ruled arcades (and the NES), so it's a perfect fit stylistically.

idw games tmnt kickstarter

Credit: IDW Games


IDW Games is back at it with another major table-top Kickstarter this week, as two new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games launched their crowdfunding campaigns. The main game up for order is a new 4-v-1 adventure called Change is Constant, which features the four Turtles, Casey Jones, and a bunch of bad guys to battle. Additionally, you can order City Fall, a campaign that builds on Change is Constant and adds Shredder, April, Splinter, Slash, and a whole lot more to the mix. You don't need one to enjoy the other, but both give you way more options and miniatures for gameplay.

SYFY WIRE got to play a little bit of the core game at PAX Unplugged late last year, and it's a very cool system that allows cooperative play against the "AI" to move through each game's story. There are multiple tiles keeping the maps fresh and different, and plenty of different abilities for characters to use. Both games are based on the IDW comics, and do a fairly good job adapting those stories to table-top form.

The game has already been funded after just one day on Kickstarter, but you can still get your hands on any of the various tiers by heading over there yourself.

The base games will set you back $125 each, and you can get both for $250. The release is set for Q3 2019.