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Important Toy News: I see Marvel dolls Rising

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Sep 13, 2018, 1:00 PM EDT

It's a good time to be a superhero fan. Not only are we getting some of the best comics of the past decade right now, we're also neck deep in some of the most spectacular films and television shows based on the Marvel and DC universes ever. The hits are just going to keep on coming too, with new shows and films like Marvel Rising, Aquaman, and Batwoman spreading the love around even more. If all that goodness wasn't enough, we're also going to get some choice collectibles from those properties to spotlight on Important Toy News.


Credit: Hasbro

Marvel's Rising Prospects

Taking a page from the beleaguered Forces of Destiny line of action dolls, Marvel and Hasbro announced a new series of figures based on the animated feature and shorts from the Marvel Rising brand. Not only will it be great to see the anticipated show get support in the way of action dolls of our favorite heroes from that series, but it's also going to be the first time a number of these characters are getting figures at all.

The popularity of Ghost Spider (née Spider-Gwen) and Ms. Marvel has led to those characters being represented in collectible form numerous times already, but this upcoming collection will be the first time America Chavez, Squirrel Girl, Quake, Patriot, and Inferno are represented in toy form. We were already psyched about this articulated fashion dolls spotlighting two of Marvel's freshest female heroes, but now that America and Squirrel Girl are getting in on the action, October can't come fast enough.

The collection debuts exclusively at Target in October, with the core costume dolls retailing for $19.99, and others ranging from $12.99 to $29.99. Hopefully this line sees support akin to DC Super Hero Girls, and doesn't follow in the footsteps of Hasbro's heavily clearanced Forces of Destiny set of Star Wars dolls.

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Inkling Sensation

As one of Nintendo's most popular new properties, Splatoon has drawn fans from all realms of gaming. The die-hard fans can enjoy the competitive shooter aspect, and the players that just like having a good time can still enjoy match after match without feeling too deflated thanks to smartly designed gameplay. Like many Nintendo properties though, there just aren't many Splatoon collectibles on the market. That changes next May when the Figma Splatoon Girl figures arrive from Good Smile.

Available as a standalone figure or in a deluxe two-figure set, the Figma Splatoon figures perfectly capture the vibrant squid kids in all their stylized glory. Both Inklings have different styles, clothing accessories, and weapons to share. There's also some paint splatter effects to incorporate when displaying the figures, which adds even more color to an already dynamic collection. The figures are available for pre-order now for ~$65 for the solo Inkling and ~$140 for the deluxe set, depending on which importer you decide to go with.

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Monopoly Battle Royal

As if you didn't already have enough Fortnite in your life, Hasbro has some products in the works to ensure you can never escape the tremendously popular battle royale game. Though McFarlane Toys has already secured the rights to action figures and replicas based on Epic's free-to-play shooter, that deal didn't include things like board games and NERF weapons. Advantage Hasbro.

Fortnite will be getting the Monopoly treatment this fall, with locations like Tilted Towers and Loot Lake filling in for the more recognizable Boardwalk and Pennsylvania Avenue. Sadly there won't be any figural tokens, as the player pieces will instead be cardboard icons showing popular skins from the video game. There'll also be some sort of battle aspect, but without the rules available it's not easy to see how that portion will play out.

Continuing the trend of licensed NERF weapons, Hasbro also has plans for a set of Fortnite blasters that will allow fans to reenact some battle royale action outside of the game world. There's no price or release date available yet (beyond a vague 2019) for the NERF accessories, and there's also no telling whether these weapons will emulate any of the in-game armaments.

These Batman Statues Are So Metal

Last summer's big DC Comic event was Dark Nights: Metal, and DC Collectibles will be releasing a new line of seven-inch statues based on the villainous alternate Batmen that featured prominently in the comic series. The Dawnbreaker, a twisted combination of Green Lantern and Batman, will kick things off in May 2019, with other characters like The Red Death, The Drowned, The Murder Machine, The Merciless, and The Devastator to follow throughout the rest of the year. There's even going to be a Batman with a baby Darkseid in the collection too. The statues will retail for $85, and all feature designs by Metal artist Greg Capullo himself.

tamagotchi rainbow bandai

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Tamagotchi is Back?

21 years ago, Tamagotchi arrived on the scene in the states, giving kids the chance to own virtual pets that lived or died based on how well they were looked after. Now Bandai is bringing the fad back with an anniversary line of Tamagotchi featuring the original programming present in those first digital pets. The original eight colors will be joined by eight new colorways to bring a bit of modern aesthetic to the simple egg-shaped design of the game. You can relive your grade school traumas by pre-ordering one of the Tamagotchi devices on September 30 for $19.99.