Laurie Strode Halloween 2018

Important Toy News: Jamie Lee Curtis gets her Halloween action figure

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Oct 7, 2019, 4:51 PM EDT (Updated)

It's been a great week to get spooked, but more importantly, it's been a great week for horror fans who also like toys. More than a few companies waited for the week of All Hallows' Eve to unveil some terrifying new items, and they're all thrillers. The time for tricks may have passed, but there are still plenty of toy treats on the horizon.

The Night She Came Home

By all measures of cinematic success, the new Halloween is a smash. A refresh of the mythology is just what the franchise needed to be interesting again, and that includes reimagining Laurie Strode as a PTSD-afflicted survivor instead of Michael's secret sister that maybe-died-but-didn't-but-then-did. While NECA's new Michael Myers figure was announced back at SDCC, fans held out hope the company would be able to convince Jamie Lee Curtis to get a Laurie figure too. When the clock struck midnight on October 31, those hopes became reality.

Though very few details about the upcoming 2018 toy version of Laurie Strode are available, we do know she will be coming, which is a first for NECA's Halloween-related figures. It may not feature Laurie in her more iconic 1978 incarnation, but this aging Laurie is already well on her way to becoming just as memorable. It's incredibly rare for an actress over 50 to get an action figure, but you can't say the baddest Final Girl that ever survived hasn't earned it.

mezco one 12 collective nightmare on elm street freddy

Credit: Mezco

One:12 Freddy's Coming For You

There's no shortage of Nightmare on Elm Street collectibles, but that doesn't mean we're not looking forward to Mezco's new One:12 Collective edition of Freddy Krueger any less. Mezco's six-inch collector line has continually put out some of the best figures in the company's history, and this Freddy looks to continue that tradition.

Due out in Q3 2019, the $80 figure comes complete with an actual "knitted" striped sweater, a smattering of different claw hands, some alternate left hands (including a severed one), and a trash can lid from Tina's nightmare. More importantly, however, Freddy comes with four different portraits to use: frowning, smiling, grimacing, and the memorable skull face. Whether you can live in a home that has a Freddy on display, constantly watching your every move, is up to you.

quantum mechanix the nun

Credit: Quantum Mechanix

And Then There Was Nun

Straight out of The Conjuring spinoff film comes Quantum Mechanix's latest sixth-scale figure, Valak the Nun. As the star of the fifth film in the franchise (which is a prequel to the core Conjuring films), Valak set a new global box-office record for the series with a $53.5 million opening weekend back in September. That was also good enough for the second-highest September open of all time.

QMx is rather light on details for the figure at this time, but we do know it'll retail for $199.95 (even if it doesn't have a release date yet). There will be two different heads included, with one being this more solemn look, and the other likely to be a screaming portrait.

neca the nun retro figure

Credit: NECA

Not to be outdone, NECA also announced a figure based on Valak this past week. This iteration of The Nun will join NECA's retro-inspired figure line, and comes with real fabric clothing and two heads for ~$40. This figure is expected to arrive in Q1 2019, and both should make excellent additions to your curio of curiosities. Just don't go letting any kids play with the cursed artifacts. That never ends well.

sideshow collectibles classic ghost rider

Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

(Johnny) Blaze of Glory

Not to be forgotten, Marvel's ghost (rider) with the most is getting a new limited-edition figure from Sideshow Collectibles. The California company already has a modern incarnation of the spirit of vengeance available in its 1/6-scale collection, but this version harkens back to Ghost Rider's origins with Johnny Blaze. Limited to just 350 pieces, this $225 figure features a sculpted flaming head with a hinged jaw, several pairs of hands for posing, and the character's signature chain whip. Additionally, the jacket's bib is removable if you want to display Ghost Rider with a slightly more modern look. That seems like it would defeat the purpose of the retro look, but to each their own.