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Important Toy News: Jason Momoa's Aquaman is one hot (and expensive) toy

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Dec 20, 2018, 1:30 PM EST

It's a big month for superhero movies, from new trailers to spectacular new films, and with all that pop culture awesomeness comes even more toys and collectibles. It's a great time of the year to be a collector too, and not just because of all the things you may get from loved ones for the holidays. From ocean to ocean, sea to sea, we've got some Important Toy News you've just got to read.

hot toys aquaman figure

Credit: Hot Toys

King of the Seven Shelves

Hot Toys is not playing around with its new Aquaman figure based on Jason Momoa's appearance in the new film. The classic costume gets a nice, modernized take for its cinematic debut, and it's much more appealing than the barely-there outfit Momoa had in that other DC movie that we'll just pretend didn't happen.

The seamless outfit is a tough thing to pull off, but Hot Toys has shown in the past that it can still provide enough pose-ability for its toys in skintight costumes to give them a bit more dynamism. He doesn't come with much on the accessory front aside from a few hands and that incredible trident, but Hot Toys makes up for the lack of accouterments with a stylized, sculpted base that features some crashing waves at Aquaman's feet.

The Hot Toys Aquaman is available for pre-order now from Sideshow Collectibles, and will run you $243. Don't worry about clearing off shelf space just yet though, as the figure isn't due out until Q3 2019.

marvel legends captain marvel starforce target exclusive

Credit: Hasbro

The Captains Marvel

If you thought all the Captain Marvel toys Hasbro already revealed earlier this month were all you were going to get for the new movie, we've got some good news for you. Two new Marvel Legends were announced today to offer even more Carol Danvers options for members of the Carol Corps eager to fill out their ranks.

First up is the Target-exclusive Starforce version of Captain Marvel. Captured in her green and black duds, this version is built identically to the helmeted version in her more recognizable red and blue costume. However, this one comes with a bunch of accessories, including an alternate portrait of Dr. Minerva.

marvel legends captain marvel binary walmart

Credit: Hasbro

There's also this nifty Walmart-exclusive version feature Captain Marvel all powered up in her Binary form. The use of translucent parts throughout the arms and head sculpts really makes this figure stand out from the standard versions. She may not come with much, but she'll look great on just about any shelf.

The good news is both figures will be out at their respective stores this January for $19.99 each.

threezero game of thrones drogon figure

Credit: ThreeZero

How to Train Your Drogon

So far ThreeZero's Game of Thrones line of sixth-scale figures has been filled by actual human characters from the show. They've all be rather fantastic, even if they do take a long time to come out. The company is shaking things up a little bit with its next Westeros-themed release, giving Daenerys one of her loyal dragons as a display piece.

Drogon will stick with the sixth-scale format, though he won't be a posable dragon figure. Instead, he'll be a static statue mean to serve as more of a centerpiece to your own Game of Thrones collection than anything else. The details are ridiculous though, and at this scale the kind of fine sculpting work Threezero does really shines through for a nearly 23-inch long collectible.

Drogon will go up for pre-order on December 21 for $1499. There currently is no firm release date on the statue itself.

neca 1953 godzilla poster

Credit: NECA

Godzilla Gets Posterized

While all the hype around Godzilla right now is largely focused on King of the Monsters, the toy-makers at NECA haven't forgotten the kaiju's roots. The company's Godzilla line has been a big hit with devoted fans, and the latest entry in the collection is sure to get even the most cynical collector on board.

Based on the original 1956 poster for the American release of Godzilla, the figure comes complete with a retro-inspired paint app to make it look as if it's been ripped straight from the theater walls. This six-inch tall (and 12 inches long) Godzilla even comes with a cardboard diorama base to complete the visual aesthetic, bringing that iconic sell sheet to life in a brand new way.

The figure is due out in Q2 2019, and is up for pre-order at a number of hobby sites for ~$30.