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Important Toy News: LEGO Batman is now remote-controlled

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Aug 9, 2018, 4:14 PM EDT (Updated)

With all the great collectibles and toys hitting the market on a regular basis, there’s never a bad time to start your own personal collection. Whether you’re looking for some fun things to do with your kids (like building new Batman LEGO sets) or expanding your geek cave to host some epic statues (like Prime 1’s pricey pieces), it’s never too late to join the our ranks. If you’re looking for where to begin, you can start with this week’s collection of Important Toy News.

lego batman remote batmobile

Credit: Lego

Holy Remote-Controlled Lego, Batman!

LEGO and Batman go together like… well Batman and LEGO. The brick-building sets and the infamous DC Comics hero have had a very strong relationship over the past five years, and it hasn’t shown any signs of stopping any time soon. There have been a series of sets with the Dark Knight created by LEGO that have featured a number of rogues and other DC heroes, and there are still plenty more coming too. Within those sets, there have even been nearly two dozen different Batmobiles to build. However, none of those earlier sets have included remote control options.

Available now for $99.99, the App-Controlled Batmobile is one of LEGO’s first entries in the new LEGO Powered Up brand. These special sets include battery-powered features like the motors available inside this Batmobile set. Turning it on is as simple as pushing a button on the roof and downloading the free app, then you're ready to guide the Arkham Knight-inspired iteration of Batman’s signature ride around the house. Taking it out on the mean streets of Gotham (or your driveway) isn’t recommended, but Batman never was one for following the rules.

dc comics dark night metal batman who laughs prime 1 studio

Credit: Prime 1 Studio

Who’s Laughing Now?

Keeping with this week’s Bat-theme, Prime 1 Studio revealed a spectacular new statue based on the DC Comics event Metal this past week. If you happened to miss Metal while it was going on, the event focused on all these tormented versions of Batman from alternate universes coming together to destroy the Earth we all know from the standard DC Universe. At the head of the villainous table was the Batman Who Laughs, a seriously demented take on Batman that has more in common with the Joker than the Bruce Wayne we all know and respect.

The statue's grisly detail wonderfully captures Greg Capullo’s designs for the character, and even includes his pack of Robins, which are like brainwashed attack dogs rather than trusted sidekicks. It’s a killer piece that’s only held back by its hefty price tag. For $1,199 you do get one heck of a quality statue (as Prime 1 expectedly delivers), but you have to be extra-devoted to want to shell out that kind of cash for a terrifying alt-Earth version of Batman.

kotobukiya xmen 92 rogue gambit

Credit: Kotobukiya

Koto’s X-Men Introduce Some Southern Charm

For the past few months, Kotobukiya has been revelling in the nostalgia of the 1992 X-Men animated series. New statues have been regularly introduced as Koto attempts to capture every cast member of the fan-favorite (and overly complex) cartoon. While a lot of beloved characters from the show, like Wolverine and Storm, have already been released, the one true power couple of Gambit and Rogue was only just announced. Sorry, Cyclops and Jean, but Remy and Anna Marie are our OTP from this show.

Captured in all the streamlined animated style, the Gambit and Rogue two-pack will retail for $89.99 and is expected to arrive in Mar. 2019. After these two, there aren’t many more core characters to add to the set, but if you want to see more, there’s always a chance villains like Magneto and the Brotherhood could get pieces too if the heroes sell well enough.


Credit: Hasbro

Hasbro’s Unboxing Reveals

Last weekend, the Unboxing Toy convention was held in Mexico, and with it came a smidgen of reveals from Hasbro’s Star Wars and Marvel Legends lines. Though Hasbro typically keeps its big announcements for major shows like Toy Fair and San Diego Comic-Con, it was cool to see a less renowned show like Unboxing get some cool news.


Credit: Hasbro

First, classic Nighthawk and Living Laser will be joining the six-inch Marvel Legends line-up. Living Laser was actually already released in the 3.75-inch Legends line, but his larger figure has the benefit of more detailed sculpting and a new translucent body.


Credit: Hasbro

The Kree Sentinel will get a build-a-figure sometime in 2019 too, which has us thinking he’ll be part of a Captain Marvel movie-themed wave given the Kree connections she shares.


Credit: Hasbro

Additionally, Leia in her Boushh disguise will join the Star Wars Vintage Collection. This will be the first new Vintage Collection figure to make use of Hasbro’s new PhotoReal technology.


Credit: Hasbro

And you can’t have a Leia without Han, so Hasbro also revealed a Mimban Trooper version of Han from Solo. The helmet and goggles can be situated on his head to make him more incognito if you want, or if you’re into army building too.

2018 upper deck marvel masterpieces captain america

Credit: Upper Deck

Marvel Masterpieces Are Back… Again

Finally this week we have news that Upper Deck is once again returning to its celebrated Marvel Masterpieces line. In 2016, an anniversary edition was released featuring art from Marvel Masterpiece’s original artist, Joe Jusko. The set was a beautiful, if expensive, collection and that trend should continue with the 2018 set focusing exclusively on the art of Simone Bianchi. All the cards will feature original art crafted just for this set by Bianchi, and will even include some cards that show off the process of how each piece was created (please note, these images are subject to change with the final designs).

2018 upper deck marvel masterpieces winter soldier

Credit: Upper Deck

Like the 2016 set (which cost approximately $200 per box), this is going to be a pricey endeavor for fans, as each box will contain just 12 packs (each holding three cards). Given that there will be more than 130 different cards in the set, the investment in collecting it in whole will be quite immense. It might be worth it though, as there are redemptions for Bianchi’s originals randomly included in boxes, along with the standard sketch and autographs.

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