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Important Toy News: Weapon X is finally back in action figure form (and it's sick)

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Sep 6, 2018, 12:29 PM EDT

Looking for the latest toy news to get you out of your back-to-school funk? How about some updates on new Marvel Legends figures straight from Canada? Perhaps you’d be more interested in learning more about a new Ghostbusters card game coming this fall? Or if all else fails, there’s also a stunning new Metal Gear statue to take your mind of your studies. Get the skinny on those items and more in this week’s Important Toy News.

Marvel Legends Weapon X Figure

Credit: Hasbro

Marvel Legends Take (Alpha) Flight

Fan Expo Canada has grown into a major end-of-summer show over the past few years, and has even become a place where big companies like Hasbro will drop some sweet new reveals. The Toronto-based event was the perfect place for Hasbro to announce some of 2019’s next Marvel Legends figures, especially considering how many of them were Canadian characters.

Even though Wolverine himself has had a number of figures over the past few years, the Weapon X incarnation of Logan has been absent from shelves for a long time. The new iteration developed by Hasbro looks incredible, and captures the definitive look of the brainwashed mutant.

Marvel Legends Guardian Figure

Credit: Hasbro

Likewise the new Guardian figure brings the leader of Alpha Flight to life in sparkling new detail. The new bulkier body and paint app give this version of Guardian much more personality than the one originally released back during the Ares build-a-figure wave.

Marvel Legends Wendigo (Build-A-Figure)

Credit: Hasbro

The Canadian theme continues through to the build-a-figure for this wave with Wendigo. Since the Wendigo has had multiple identities over the years thanks to the curse that creates the creature, it’s not clear just who this version is supposed to represent. That said, it’s still a beefy figure that should do well going toe-to-toe with larger figures like Hulk and the Thing.

Marvel Legends Mystique Figure

Credit: Hasbro

Finally, though not part of a specific wave, a brand-new Mystique will get her chance to shine in 2019 as a Walgreen’s exclusive. The sculpt here is arguably the best Mystique has ever gotten, and this could be considered the definitive version of the character in figure form.

renegade game studios ghostbusters card game

Credit: Renegade Game Studios

Who you gonna draw?

If the massive miniature-based tabletop games based on the Ghostbusters franchise seemed a bit too cumbersome for you, we’ve got some good news: Renegade Game Studios has a much more manageable (and affordable) Ghosbusters card game coming out very soon. For $20, you and four more friends can suit up as New York’s best ghost exterminators in a quick battle to see who is the best Ghostbuster of them all.

The game is a deck-builder that sees players using select cards to fight a collection of ghosts in the center of the table. After three rounds, the game is over and the Ghostbuster with the most trapped specters is the winner. It’s a fast game with replayability, and one that should fit in well during any game night.

Disney's Toybox Expands

After ceasing support for Disney Infinity, the toys-to-life video game franchise that melded the worlds of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies quite well, it seemed like all those beautiful designs might go to waste. Disney, however, turned the concepts from Disney Infinity’s stoic collectibles into articulated figures last year, and more are constantly sneaking out exclusively to Disney Stores.

To this point, the line has been primarily focused on Marvel and Star Wars (with some Disney hits scattered in for variety), and the small waves have been figures only. However new reports indicate vehicles may soon become part of the line-up on both the Marvel and Star Wars side. New catalog/checklist images show that not only will there be Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter sets coming, but also a Spider-Man and Spider-Buggy set. If these stay in five-inch scale, these could make some nice additions to your collection without breaking the bank.

gecco metal gear solid cyborg ninja statue

Credit: Gecco

Cyborg Statue

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid, the seminal PlayStation game that launched Hideo Kojima into video game celebrity orbit and begat one of the most important game franchises of the last two decades. To celebrate the occasion, Gecco is releasing a 1/6 scale statue of Cyborg Ninja.

The character made only one true appearance throughout the series, but remains one of the most revered in the series. Gecco has captured him quite well, and will include not just his sword, but also his gun arm and an alternate head revealing the true identity of the mysterious character. Did we mention the base helmet features an LED light for the eye? The $299 piece is available for pre-order now, and is expected to ship in January 2019.

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