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Important Toy News: Toys 'R' Us is (kinda) back and so are Universal Monsters

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Oct 12, 2018, 1:00 PM EDT

You would think the week following a major pop culture convention like New York Comic Con would be light on the toy news, but that's just not the case. The wheel of collectibles never stops turning and there's always something newer and shinier just around the corner. Fortunately for you, we've got our eyes on the prizes and have all the latest Important Toy News to keep you in the loop.

super7 reaction universal monsters creature from the black lagoon

Credit: Super7


Indie toy company Super7 has been churning out its ReAction line of figures since 2013, with Alien, Hellboy, and some Funko crossovers setting the pace. This year, Super7 is introducing a wave of ReAction figures based on the original Universal Monsters. Included in this wave, which is available for order right now, are the Creature From the Black Lagoon, the Mummy, the Wolf Man, the Metaluna Mutant, a Mole Man, and the Masque of the Red Death. Each of the toys will cost $15 and come on a blister card featuring art by Ed Repka.

The toys do have minimal articulation, but the general vibe of the character is present in the more simplified sculpts. The entire point of the ReAction line is to give classic films and properties that never had a proper toy line a chance as an '80s collection. Super7's adherence to the vibe of those iconic Kenner Star Wars figures is a clever gimmick, and has allowed the company to give fans some faux-retro memorabilia that would not have existed without ReAction.

lego overwatch bastion

Credit: LEGO


The first set in the LEGO and Overwatch partnership made its debut on Wednesday. Available exclusively through Blizzard's online store for $25, the Omnic Bastion kit kicks off the anticipated line with one of the game's original characters. At 182 pieces, the set isn't at all cumbersome, and its four-inch height means the figure can fit just as nicely on your work desk as it can on a display shelf at home.

Though the brick version of Bastion doesn't transform into his alternate tank mode, it's still a rather cool representation of the in-game character. He even comes with a little bird to perch on his shoulder, which should be familiar to anyone that's seen victory animations or even the Bastion animated short Blizzard released a few years ago.

hot toys star wars last jedi luke crait

Credit: Sideshow Collectibles


It's been 10 months since The Last Jedi rocked our worlds at movie theaters, and Hot Toys has slowly been churning out figures from the film the entire time. They've all been strong pieces, but finally, those of us who've been waiting for the Crait version of Luke Skywalker to get his due now have something to celebrate. This "redeemed" version of Luke resembles the aging Jedi we thought he'd be rather than the reclusive hermit introduced at the end of The Force Awakens. The dark robes are reminiscent of his appearance in Return of the Jedi while still adhering to the Jedi dress code in the employee manual.

Feature-wise, this figure doesn't come with much, but then again Crait Luke didn't have much on his hands when he showed up to duel with Kylo Ren. There's both a standard lightsaber and one that lights up, as well as a number of different posing hands, and the set of gold dice Han kept in the Millennium Falcon. He's also got a nice display base that features the salty earth of Crait and the red clay beneath.

Luke is available for pre-order now for $235 and is expected to arrive in Q4 2019.

geoffrey toy box

Credit: Geoffrey, LLC


Let's close out the week with the news that Toys 'R' Us isn't quite as dead as we thought. Geoffrey, LLC, the parent company that owns rights to all the TRU subsidiaries, has secured funding to revive the brand under a new name, Geoffrey's Toy Box. According to ToyBook, the new store will reportedly be a shop-within-a-shop, with the Toy Box getting real estate inside existing retailers rather than re-opening in the hundreds of stores abandoned by Toys 'R' Us earlier this year.

For consumers and toy brands, this is potentially good news as it will allow more people to find the toys they're looking for in more places than online retailers. The 33,000-plus employees that were cut loose without the benefit of severance while the ownership worked to keep their own pockets lined may feel otherwise.