In DC's Sideways #3, Derek James faces off against a destructive speedster: Exclusive sneak peek

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:18 AM EDT (Updated)

DC's newest hero, Derek James, embarks in his third adventure this month in Sideways #3, from writers Dan DiDio (DC's co-publisher) and Justin Jordan and artist Kenneth Rocafort.

Things have gotten a lot more exciting for James, a Puerto Rican high school student who gained the ability to travel between dimensions (or sideways among them), hence the hero name that gave the series its title.

In this issue, he'll be facing off against what DC bills as "a super-speedster hell-bent on destruction — all while wearing no pants!" The aforementioned speedster is Killspeed, a villain born of a recent Speed Force Storm. 

Here's the cover for Issue #3, which also features a companion story hosted by Sideways, in which he gives you a firsthand account of his powers and abilities.


Sideways #3 goes on sale April 11. Check out the first five pages of the issue in the gallery below!

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