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In-rang trailer updates anime to live-action dystopian sci-fi

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Jul 2, 2018, 4:36 PM EDT (Updated)

The Man in the High Castle may be the most famous example of alt-history gone wrong (sorry, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), but In-rang, the Korean adaptation of Japanese anime Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, looks to join these ranks as it updates the story’s time period and locale to make it fit a specific dystopia.

No longer in 1950s Japan, this adaptation is in 2029 as North and South Korea begin to unify in a Blade Runner-looking future that promises intense government control and militarized, stormtrooper-ish police. And gunfights. Plenty of gunfights.

Take a look at the new trailer:

From director Kim Jee-woon (who also did The Good the Bad the Weird and I Saw the Devil), In-rang follows the special police force dubbed “The Wolf Brigade” as they attempt to stop an anti-reunification terrorist group called "Sect."

Plenty of political thrills and sci-fi ideas will be cropping up in this cool, futuristic update of one of the most-loved animes of all time.

In-rang will be released in Korea on July 25, but any plans for international distribution have yet to be announced.