In Rememory trailer, Peter Dinklage infiltrates the brain to crack a murder case

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Aug 16, 2017, 11:32 AM EDT

Award-winning actor Peter Dinklage made a name for himself even before Game of Thrones, and he will continue his good work even after the series (sob) concludes. His upcoming film Rememory seems proof of that.

Here, Dinklage plays Sam Bloom, a man who was hired to investigate the murder of the inventor of a machine that allows you to record and replay memories. He ends up trying to use the device to solve the case, but ends up digging up more about his own life and memories than he bargained for.

The late Anton Yelchin also has a role as a troubled mechanic, who warns of the machine’s unpleasant after-effects.

Films about dangers surrounding memory implants are not new to sci-fi, what with Strange Days, The Final Cut, and many others.  But just because it’s been done before, it doesn’t mean it can’t be redone with style and substance. And with Peter Dinklage onboard, we're hoping we'll get both.

You can see Rememory when it hits Google Play on Aug. 24.