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Inaccurate, 'impossible' Nazi UFO toy pulled from production following public outcry

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Jun 25, 2018, 5:12 PM EDT

This UFO sighting is firing up a lot of talk... and controversy.

Yes, the Nazi UFO toy (dubbed the Haunebu II) is real — but not based in real history or science, making its existence in German stores a problem that some historians think can potentially undermine the work to accurately explain to a global public exactly what the Nazis did. And now, the product has been pulled from production by model toy company Revell.

OK, so the 69-part set is based on a World War II program the Nazis were running to try to make flying saucers. These experiments never took off and they certainly never shot Allied forces out of the sky, like the box art depicts. Historian Jens Wehner said in an interview with Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper that it was "technologically impossible" for the Nazis to build anything like the toy due to the technological limitations at the time. Representing the spacecraft anyways is a good way to muddy the historical waters and lend legitimacy to modern day Nazi apologists, the historian warned.

The realm of conspiracy theory and witching hour, speculative TV on history channels does not belong in the catalog of a company that produces many historically accurate models of vehicles that actually existed, which is why Revell is pulling the toy from stores. “Unfortunately, our product description does not adequately express this and we apologize for it,” Revell said in a statement. That product description says the craft is "the first object in the world capable of flying in space" and can fly “up to speeds of 6,000 km/hr.”

A spokesperson for Revell said that the company will stop manufacturing and distributing the product, noting that the reaction from the German Children's Protection Association and the Military History Museum is “absolutely justified.” This response reflects Germany’s strict criminal laws against Nazi symbols and bans on any material seen as supporting National Socialism, including any form of Holocaust denial. Science fiction is one thing, rewriting history is another.