This Inception-based board game is the most twisty, geeky thing you'll see today

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Feb 27, 2014, 1:18 PM EST

Christopher Nolan’s reality-bending sci-fi flick Inception doesn’t seem like an obvious pick for board game adaptation. But that’s kind of the point.

Some film fans way smarter than us have developed Inceptor, an awesomely complicated board game based on the 2010 thriller. The game attempts to replicate the various layers of reality, and it features some legit consequences if you find yourself stuck in limbo or hanging in someone’s subconscious for too long.

The game board mimics the look and style of the film, and players even get to play as “totems” made famous by the film. We’ll go ahead and say it — dibs on the little top.

The game is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and just recently surpassed its $30,000 manufacturing goal. It’s obviously not for sale just yet, but backers who pledge more than $49 get a copy. So act fast before they’re all gone.

If you still need more of an explainer (like we do), we’ve pulled a breakdown of the basic point of the game below. If that’s not enough, you can find a lot more info about the deeply complex, and deeply intriguing, rules right here:

Inceptor is a board game that takes place in the dream world. The board represents the inside of a dreamer's mind, who is known as the Mark. Each player is trying to plant an idea in the Mark's dream, hoping that when he wakes, he will carry out their chosen task. The key is to make your task seem achievable to the Mark and to make sure he believes it was his own idea from its inception. In order to do this the dream needs to be so real, that when the Mark wakes up, the planted idea sticks and he performs the mission without a second thought.

Check out the full project video below:

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