Incorporated's Sean Teale joins Fox's X-Men TV pilot

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Mar 1, 2017, 4:30 PM EST

Hollywood abhors a vacuum, and so with yesterday's news that Syfy's Incorporated was not being renewed for a second season, one of its bright young stars was suddenly out of a job ... but not for long, as actor Sean Teale (Reign, Skins) has immediately joined up to play a powerful mutant on Fox's upcoming X-Men TV series pilot.

The British thespian will co-star with the recently announced Stephen Moyer, who is playing one of the mutant's fathers. Sure to tap into Teale's simmering intensity displayed on the short-lived Incorporated, the untitled sci-fi series is ramping up their cast and gaining momentum as scripts are polished and sets are designed in anticipation of filming later this year.

Teale is playing the new X-verse character of Marcos Diaz/Eclipse, a "passionate and strong-willed fighter who sometimes lets his emotions overrule reason." His mutant abilities include the absorption and manipulation of light photons. Also cast in the series are Jamie Chung as Blink and Blair Redford (The Day the Earth Stood Still) as the Native-American leader of the underground.

Directed by Bryan Singer, the pilot focuses on a pair of ordinary parents who discover their kids are suppressing mutant powers. Fearing for their lives, they're forced to flee from hostile government agents, the frightened family links up with a secret mutant network that helps them adapt and survive.

Are you excited for Sean Teale's involvement in this new X-Men?

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