Incredible fan film brings on the big guns from Portal AND Half-Life

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Jan 22, 2013, 5:53 PM EST

Do you remember when we talked about that fantastic Portal fan film? That director landed the Y the Last Man movie. Now we have a new fan film that combines the awesomeness of Portal ... with Half-Life. Oh, yes!

Chell from Portal, on her own, is pretty cool. Gordon Freeman, of Half-Life, is at least equally cool. So if you, say, have them team up to fight a horde of bad guys, there's a good chance that's going to be kind of incredible.

Mind you, this could have gone very badly. After all, getting the visual effects right for the Portal Gun and the Gravity Gun isn't easy, which doesn't even take into account also combining the aesthetics of two popular Valve franchises and making them fit into one real-life setting. It's a challenge, to be sure, but filmmaker Michael Shanks nails it.

We especially like how Gordon pulls Chell in close using the Gravity Gun at the end. Now, there's a romance we can get behind. We've got just one question—can this be a full-length movie? Please?

(via Geek Tyrant)