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Incredibles 2 poised to be biggest animated movie ever

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Jun 7, 2018

It’s good to be a superhero movie at the box office these days, especially one promoted by Disney. And it’s been good to be a Pixar movie since 1995, when Toy Story began a streak of hits for the animation kings. So by that math, it must be really good to be a Disney-Pixar superhero movie. 

Indeed, the timing seems to be right for Disney-Pixar to bring out Incredibles 2, The Incredibles sequel 14 years in the making. And if pre-sold tickets are an indicator, the film could be poised to become the biggest animated box office hit ever. 

According to Fandango, ahead of its June 15 release, Incredibles 2 is outpacing the previous pre-sales record holder, 2016’s Finding Dory – yet another Disney-Pixar movie, and yet another long-awaited sequel (Finding Nemo opened in 2003). For the record, Dory kept swimming on its way to becoming the most successful animated film ever, with just over a billion bucks in worldwide ticket sales.    

So in that case at least, pre-sale tickets proved to be an indicator of long-term success. And Incredibles 2 isn’t just outpacing animated hits like Dory; at the same point in the sales cycle, the film’s pre-sellers are also ahead of two of last summer’s biggest blockbusters, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man Homecoming

We already heard that Incredibles 2 – which finds Brad Bird’s super family the Parrs back in the world-saving business – is tracking to top Dory’s $135 million opening and have the best ever first weekend for an animated film. So it would stand to reason that if the film is good (has Pixar really made a bad movie?), it will have legs to go beyond that. So at least, according to the early reviews, we can expect Incredibles 2 to be sticking around for a while.

Incredibles 2 opens wide on June 15. Do you have your tickets yet?

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