Incredibles director wants John Carter critics to lay off the hate

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Dec 16, 2012

As John Carter tries to overcome poor buzz and all the grim predictions that come along with poor buzz, director Andrew Stanton is taking to Twitter to promote the hell out of the flick. Now his friend and Pixar cohort Brad Bird is also using his tweets to fight for the film and bash all that bad press.

Bird, who made his reputation on the traditionally animated The Iron Giant and then went to Pixar to make the Oscar-winning animated hits The Incredibles and Ratatouille, took to Twitter today to point out that showbiz writers seem all too happy to bash big-budget sequels, prequels and remakes, but then never seem to support big-budget flicks that don't follow that trend.

"The showbiz press complains about big-budget sequels & remakes, but when a big NEW film like JOHN CARTER arrives, support is nonexistent," he wrote.

Bird is definitely in a position of knowledge when it comes to big-budget sequels and remakes. He just directed one of them—Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol—which dealt with the same kind of "Oh damn, not another one" reactions before it managed to become both a major blockbuster and a surprising critical hit last December.

The statement provoked several replies and further comments from Bird's followers that he took the time to respond to. He clarified that he wasn't talking about "press" so much as "the industry prognosticators who bagged on Ratatouille, Wall-E & Up before they came out," and claimed that "The loudest complainers about JC haven't seen it!"

He also echoed the common sentiment these days that Disney isn't promoting the flick right, and offered up a buzz phrase of his own:

"Epic sci-fi fantasy from the creators of TARZAN and FINDING NEMO."

Pixar is a tight-knit group of creators, so it's no surprise that Bird is coming to Stanton's defense. But he's also an acclaimed filmmaker in his own right, so maybe he's worth listening to.

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