Independence Day sequel officially a go, will open on original film's 20th anniversary

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Nov 28, 2014, 11:33 AM EST (Updated)

There’ve been rumblings for a while that Roland Emmerich would be returning to the hit Independence Day franchise for a sequel two decades in the making, and now the film is reportedly a go.

Deadline reports 20th Century Fox has given the currently untitled Independence Day sequel (rumored title: ID: Forever) a green light, with an eye to start production in May 2015. The studio is now entering negotiations with Emmerich to sign him on as director. Remember, original star Will Smith is most likely not returning, so the casting process will reportedly kick off in the weeks and months after Emmerich is locked.

This report also shoots down rumors that Emmerich would film two sequels back to back, with it explicitly noted the studio is only making one film at this point. The project has been through more than a few phases of development over the past few years, with at least three writers taking a pass at Emmerich and frequent collaborator Dean Devlin’s original draft. It seems they finally landed on something the studio wants to make.

We don’t know much about the plot, but Emmerich has previously teased that the new film will not be a reboot of the concept. So a continuation of the original canon is likely, possibly picking up in real time 20 years after the averted alien invasion of the first film. Whatever happens, we demand they bring back Jeff Goldblum. Seriously.

They’ve also slotted the film for the July 4 holiday weekend in 2016, which is of course the 20th anniversary of the first film’s 1996 release. Can you say synergy? Are you glad to hear the sequel is actually moving forward? What direction do you want Emmerich to take the story?

(Via Deadline)