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WIRE Buzz: Indiana Jones 5 shooting this summer. Plus, Naomi Rapace breathes in 'O2' thriller

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Feb 14, 2020, 1:42 PM EST

It's official: The fifth Indiana Jones movie will begin principal photography this summer with Steven Spielberg behind the camera and Harrison Ford in front of it. The actor revealed the start window during a recent appearance on Ellen (via THR) to promote The Call of the Wild.

"I can deny that it's not happening," said Ford, tricking Ellen DeGeneres and her audience with that sneaky double negative. "We hope to start soon, this summer. This late summer ... It's gonna be fun. I am excited. They're great fun to make."

During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning over the weekend, Ford seemed to confirm a different start window of "about two months" from now. 

"I'm always delighted to come back to these characters," he said. "We have an opportunity to make another ... because people have enjoyed them. I feel obliged to make sure that our efforts are as ambitious as they were when we started. You have a sense of responsibility to your customers ... The fact that these people support my business and I'm responsible to them for the quality of the service that I offer."

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Earlier this month, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said that the project's script was still a work in progress. In addition, she confirmed that Indy 5 (it doesn't have an official title yet) would be "a continuation" rather than a reboot.

The last entry in the franchise was the divisive Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008.


Never one to shy away from the world of genre, Noomi Rapace (Prometheus) has boarded the claustrophobic sci-fi thriller O2, confirms Deadline.

Rapace is said to be playing a lone woman who wakes up in a cryogenic medical pod with no memory and no prospect of escape. With just 90 minutes of oxygen left to her (hence the "O2" that makes up the title), she'll have to figure out who she is, why she's in the pod, and how she can get out of it.

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Franck Khalfoun (Amityville: The Awakening) is directing the project, which enters production this summer. Christie LeBlanc penned the screenplay, which was reportedly a hot item on the 2016 Black List.

"One of the most compelling scripts I’ve read in years — a pure survival experience with a great mystery at its core. Even without the oxygen running out, the suspense on the page left me breathless," said producer Alexandre Aja (director of Crawl) in a statement published by Deadline.


Believe it or not, Indy 5 isn't the only bit of Spielberg-related news in this Buzz. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the legendary director's son, Sawyer Spielberg, makes his acting debut in New England-set horror flick Honeydew from filmmaker Devereux Milburn.

Co-starring Malin Barr and Barbara Kingsley, the movie unfolds in New England "where strange cravings and hallucinations befall a young couple after seeking shelter in the home of an aging farmer and her peculiar son," says the synopsis provided by THR.

The project (whose worldwide sales rights belong to New York-based Yellow Veil Pictures) will be shopped around to potential buyers at the European Film Market in Berlin.

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“We are thrilled to introduce Devereux Milburn’s vision to the market at this year’s EFM," added Yellow Veil Pictures co-founder Justin Timms in a statement to THR. "With shades of De Palma’s frenetic editing and sound design brought into a modern context, Honeydew immerses you in a nightmare that is sure to satisfy all cravings for a fresh, stylish backwoods horror."

"I’m so excited to team up with YVP, and for the opportunity to find a wider audience for this modern-day Hansel and Gretel story," added Milburn. "This piece, in all of its darkness and absurdity, is one that is truly close to my heart and reflective of a real human dilemma, and I can't wait for people to eat it up."