Indiana Jones gets the animated series we always wanted in amazing concept trailer

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Oct 2, 2016, 3:32 PM EDT (Updated)

Someone give this guy a development deal. Right. Flippin'. Now.

Artist Patrick Schoenmaker has spent his free time over the past five years putting together a concept trailer for a nonexistent animated series based on Indiana Jones. He’s finally finished, and we’re happy to report it was definitely worth the wait.

This animated version of Indy goes on a globetrotting adventure, facing off against everything from Nazis to ancient tribes to the love of his life (and even a classroom full of students). He positively nails the action and vibe (it almost has a Jonny Quest type of feel), and it’s all tied together with the John Williams score you’ve almost certainly come to expect. Schoenmaker has named the project simply The Adventures of Indiana Jones, and it lives up to the billing.

Can you imagine an animated block anchored by this and that gorgeous Firefly animated series concept (and throw in the aborted Buffy animated series to boot)? How is this not a reality? Shut up and take my money.

Check out the concept trailer below (go ahead and watch it a few dozen times, we’ll wait) and let us know what you think: