The Indiana Jones/Darth Vader conspiracy theory that will change everything

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Jun 26, 2015, 3:27 PM EDT

Fan theories about the secret inner workings of their favorite universes have become commonplace; so common, in fact, that we tend not to arch a single eyebrow over them. But this one is so over the top, we had to share it.

According to Tickld, Darth Vader and Indiana Jones were in cahoots to kill Adolph Hitler.

You can see it for yourself, below. We have our doubts - after all, time travel isn’t a part of either the Star Wars or Indiana Jones universes. But if such a thing were possible (including the existence of Star Wars and Indiana Jones), we’d like to think our world would be safer from Hitler.

But who is going to keep the world safe from Darth Vader?

Check it out.

Via Tickld.

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