Hero who inspired Indiana Jones getting own high-adventure TV show

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 17, 2012

He's been played by Sean Connery, he's been the star of movies since 1919—and novels dating back to 1885—and he was a formative influence on George Lucas and Steven Spielberg's archaeologist Indiana Jones. And now he's getting a chance to shine on television, for the first time.

Yes, Allan Quatermain will get another shot at the spotlight, thanks to a pair of foreign production companies, Sonar Entertainment and Ecosse Films (Camelot). And they're planning a 10-episode, $30 million first season to star the British adventurer in the wilds of darkest Africa.

According to Sonar's Stewart Till, who plans to shoot his Allan Quatermain in Africa:

"I read all the books as a child and it is something that many Brits have grown up with. It's also the kind of high-concept adventure that broadcasters are looking for. ... There are many British male actors in their early 30s who could play this rugged adventurer. ... It is in exotic settings with lost tribes and treasures and African superstitions and big adventures, so it's got everything."

Let's just hope it's better than the last few stabs at the character: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and King Solomon's Mines, starring Richard Chamberlain. Eeesh.

(via Hollywood Reporter)