Indominus Rex is unleashed in massive new trailer for Jurassic World

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Apr 20, 2015, 1:49 PM EDT (Updated)

We're surrounded by attempts at franchise revival these days but, to my mind, Jurassic World is one of the most ambitious. Following a path originally carved by no less of a cinematic titan than Steven Spielberg is hard enough by itself (Jurassic Park III did it, and was a box-office success, but it still only made half the money The Lost World did despite being released four years later), but previous Jurassic installments also weren't operating in a world that features stuff like The Avengers and Furious 7. Blockbusters are just bigger now, and Jurassic World has to be big enough to stand out in the pack. Now the latest trailer is here to show us just how big this film could be.

We've known for a while that the film will focus on the creation of a new genetically engineered dinosaur called Indominus Rex. The creature is created to boost attendance at the now-thriving Jurassic World park, but its genetic modifications quickly prove deadly, and it's up to park manager Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), trainer Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and head of security Vic Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio) to bring the beast down before it kills everyone on the island. Sounds scary, even if it also sounds almost exactly like the premise of Jurassic Park, only with more people. Thanks to the new trailer, though, we know that Indominus Rex is much more than a big roaring predator who might eat you. Check it out to see what I mean:

Yeah, this isn't just another prehistoric predator set loose on the populace by a power outage. This is a creature savage enough to eat her own sibling and kill herbivorous dinosaurs just for fun, and smart enough to remember where her tracking device is and rip it right out of her flesh ... not to mention stealthy enough to sneak its tons-heavy frame up on several unfortunate souls. Then we see where this film ups the ante from the previous Jurassic flicks: Indominus Rex can communicate with other dinosaurs, and apparently her communications can convince them to run rampant across the park and slaughter panicked visitors. By the end of this trailer it doesn't feel like Jurassic World is a scary dinosaur adventure. It feels more like a war movie. Whether that can actually work remains to be seen, but the trailer definitely makes me want to find out.

Jurassic World hits theaters June 12. What do you think? Are you excited?

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