That infamous Enterprise Xindi arc? Bakula explains why it happened

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Mar 27, 2013, 9:44 AM EDT

While Brannon Braga was talking about bringing Star Trek Enterprise back through Netflix yesterday—a la Arrested Development—Scott Bakula was discussing the infamous Xindi arc from season three.

In a fascinating interview with the Quantum Leap star over at IGN, Capt. Jonathan Archer himself, Scott Bakula, shared his thoughts on the Xindi storyline which took up the whole of season three, and serialized the series instead of getting standalone episodes. It served as a parallel for 9/11:

Well, I think we were all so consumed by that event, and it wasn’t something that happened to somebody else on our planet, it happened here. You know, Vietnam happened on another continent. So it became something in the writers room that they felt they couldn’t ignore, and it kept coming through in how they were feeling, and that’s natural. That’s how writers write. They’re affected by their lives and their world and what they’re feeling. And that’s the great thing about sci-fi, it’s so removed, because all of the sudden you’re fighting talking whales and insects and things that are so completely disassociated with our reality—you get that release—and then it kind of gives you the freedom to tee it up and go for it. I was thrilled with it.

Were you, like Bakula, thrilled with the Xindi arc as well? Do you believe the writers did the right thing by using 9/11 (which took place two years before the season aired in 2003) as a springboard for the storyline, and incorporating it into the series? Or did you hate the whole thing and think it made for too dark a third season?

(via IGN)