The infected are back in freaky full trailer and first clip for Helix S2

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Dec 4, 2014, 12:20 PM EST

Things have been relatively quiet on the Helix front, but don’t worry, the vectors are still out there and they’re getting ready to cause a boatload of trouble very soon.

The second season of Ronald D. Moore’s sci-fi outbreak series is back on Syfy (full disclosure: Blastr’s corporate parent) in just a few weeks, and the network has dropped an extended trailer and first clip to show us just how freaky things are getting in year two.

What started as a relatively simple pitch about a CDC team sent to an Arctic base to stop the spread of a mysterious virus evolved into an ambitious conspiracy story with more than enough layers left to peel for 13 more episodes. For a series that took some insane twists by the end of its debut season, it looks like that weirdness was only the beginning.

The new trailer is light on actual information, but it does show off a ton of new footage. For one thing, it seems the new season largely takes place on an island — which is a nice change of pace from the chilly debut season — and most of the central cast seems to be back to once again face off with a dangerous virus. Apart from that, just infected and a boatload of scary tension.

Check out the extended trailer below and let us know what you think:

Check out a creepy clip from the season premiere below, which will essentially leave you asking WTF and wanting to see more:

The new season of Helix debuts Friday, Jan. 16, on Syfy.

(Via Syfy)