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Infectious new SDCC music video remembers that comics started it all

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Aug 1, 2017

A long time ago at a little convention not so far away, comic book creators and their legions of ardent fans across the land converged in San Diego, California, to celebrate their love and passion for the colorful, dynamic art form at the inaugural Golden State Comic-Con.

The storied year was 1970, and today the renamed San Diego Comic-Con has erupted into the biggest pop-culture party on the planet, mostly a venue for debuting the latest Marvel or DC superhero spectacle's trailer or adored sci-fi, fantasy, or horror TV series' casts engaging with audiences in immensely overcrowded ballrooms.

Sometimes amid all the Hollywood hype and hoopla it seems like comic books have been pushed to the forgotten fringes of the event, and it's time we're reminded exactly where this grand occasion germinated from.

Here's an addictive music video by Hyper Rabbit Power Go called “Get Your Comics (On the Floor),” that delivers a strong message to those who have become too enamored of the cinema and TV marketing machines swallowing most of the attention. Starring Abby Trott, Chris Bramante, and Matt Acevedo, it's a catchy salute to the comic book writers and artist who've blessed us with geeky joy over the decades.

Have a listen and tell us if this awesome anthem strikes to the heart of the matter and lodges inside your head for the remainder of the day.

(Via io9)

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